Youth Development at NNPS

Youth Development at NNPS

Youth Development

The MISSION of NNPS Youth Development is to promote positive experiences, positive relationships, and positive environments for every Newport News Public Schools student, staff, and family. Our VISION is that every Newport News Public Schools student feels seen, heard, valued, loved, and affirmed.

The Youth Development Department operates on the premise that all young people will be successful when offered the right combination of opportunities, supports, and services. NNPS Youth Development is also dedicated to the wellbeing of young people, no matter what circumstances they may face.

Positive Youth Development is an intentional, prosocial approach that engages youth with their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances young people's strengths; and promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership strengths. (Source:

Download the Youth Development Annual Report

The 2022-2023 academic year was a year of extraordinary new initiatives and growth for NNPS Youth Development. We're excited to share in this annual report the year in review, with gratitude to a host of staff, community partners, and most importantly, students who continue to advance efforts to promote positive experiences, relationships, and environments for EVERY child in Newport News Public Schools.

Youth Development Staff

Bridget Adams
Director, Youth & Family Engagement
(757) 283-7850 x.10318

Michael Nichols
Youth Development Supervisor
(757) 283-7850 x.10303

Christina Buckingham
Youth Development Specialist
(757) 283-7850 x.10130

William Shackleford
Youth Development Specialist
(757) 283-7850 x.10225

Youth Development's primary goals are promoting student success, student wellness, and creating productive collaborations with stakeholders to implement quality programming that promotes overall wellbeing for all students.

Here are eight reasons why Youth Development matters:

  • Skill Building: There are essential skills that students need to be successful.

  • Youth Empowerment and Contribution: Every student should have the opportunity to get connected through at least one club, sport, or activity. Student voice matters! Every student should have the opportunity to lead and serve.

  • Healthy Relationships and Bonding: Healthy relationships and bonding are important for student success.

  • Safe Space: Students deserve an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.

  • Belonging and Membership: Every student should feel like they belong in their school and community.

  • Positive Norms, Expectations, and Perspectives: All students need to have clear and positive expectations.

  • Access To Services: Students and families need information and access to helpful resources.

  • Equity: Every student should get what they need, when they need it, and how they need it!