Community Relations

Providing a quality education for all students is a collaborative effort that families, students and the community share to support student achievement and outcomes for success. We build partnerships to increase community confidence, advance student opportunities and keep the public informed through:

  • Two-way communications with district families, employees and the community
  • Branding and marketing school programs and initiatives
  • Exemplary customer service practices
  • Opportunities for students to learn in the community through internships and other experiences

As a department, Community Relations is primarily responsible for NNPS-TV programming, district social media presence, generating positive news stories with local media, the Education Foundation, government relations, providing the NNPS family with training and media services, and youth and family engagement.

We use a variety of print and broadcast mediums to promote district activities and accomplishments and boost public support. We strive to ensure consistent, two-way communication with district families, employees and the community and to provide exemplary customer service between NNPS staff and the community.

Youth and Family Engagement
Bridget Adams, Director
(757) 283-7850 x.10318

Graphic/Branding Services
Keli Slusher, Coordinator
(757) 591-4899 x.10144

James Anklam, Station Manager
(757) 591-4687 x.57105

Corporate & Government Relations
(757) 591-4936 x.10106