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Telephone: (757) 881-5061
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Fax: (757) 597-2967

FMLA Fax: (757) 643-7405

Employment Verification: Contact the Payroll Department at (757) 283-7811 Option 2, or fax request to (757) 597-2966.

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Area Staff
HR Director
x.11100, Nina Farrish
x.11123, Kacie Francis, Executive Secretary to Director
Employment, Contracts, Compensation, Job Descriptions,Transfers, Personnel Changes, Licensure, Substitute Teachers

x.11107, Catherine Westphal, Employment Supervisor
x.11108, LaTanja Riley-Hedgepeth, ECC & Elementary Instructional
x.11134, Keanna James, K-12 Instructional
x.11104, Taylor Green, Support Staff
x.11149, Alvin Wilson, Substitute Teachers
x.11111, Dinah Mackenzie, Secondary Instructional
x.11125, Tanya Andreas, Licensure, Tuition Reimbursement

Human Resources Specialist x.11144, Aimee McNichol, Support Staff, Fingerprinting
Human Resource Technicians x.11110, Kiya Owens-Lassalle, Secondary Instructional, Fingerprinting
x.11104, TBD, Elementary Instructional, Fingerprinting
x.11138, Paris Fields, Substitute Staffing, Fingerprinting
Human Resource Assistants x.11100, Heather Salvato, Employment Verifications, ID Badges, & Reserve Pay, Loan Forgiveness
x.11101, Kyrus Whitehurst, Employment Verifications, ID Badges, & Loan Forgiveness, Reserve Pay
Employee Benefits, Wellness, Retirement, Compensation x.11112, JoAnn Armstrong, Compensation & Benefits Supervisor
x.11116, Lorianne Smith, Wellness, Compensation, Health Insurance
x.11102, Stephanie Bland, Retirement Counseling & Retiree Health Insurance
x.11114, Sharon Nickens, Retirement Counseling & Active Health Insurance
Benefits Technicians x.11139, Sara Cole, Life Events, COBRA & Death Claims
x.11226, M'Kayla Brown, FMLA and Short Term Disability
Employee Relations, Employee Development, Investigations x.11105, TBD, Employee Relations Coordinator
x.11127, Ashlyn Langemeier, Employee Relations Coordinator
x.11143, Kimberly Hammond, Training & Development Coordinator
x.11146, Kim Hinton, Employee Relations Specialist
Employee Relations Technician x.11109, Catrina Acklin, Employee Relations, Fingerprinting
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator x.11126, Janelle Spitz, Recruitment and Retention
Substitute Teaching Please visit the SubCenter website.

Central Records Directory

Area Staff
Department Direct Dial (757) 591-4537
Individual Extension Dial: (757) 283-7879
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Department Fax (757) 591-9226
Transcripts Transcripts/Student Records
Records Manager x.10228, Penny Norton
Records Management Specialist II x.10258, Melissa Goodrich
Records Management Specialist I x.10257, Karen Carvell
Records Management Specialist I x.10272, Kelly Sibley