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Academic Leadership

Kipp Rogers, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer
(757) 283-7850

Executive Directors

Dr. Felicia Barnett
Executive Director, Secondary School Leadership
(757) 591-4647

Darrell Pankratz
Executive Director, Secondary Teaching & Learning and K-12 Programs
(757) 283-7850 x.10208

Angela Seiders
Executive Director, Elementary School Leadership
(757) 283-7850

Maribel Saimre
Executive Director, Special Education & Student Support Services
(757) 283-7850


Dr. Eleanor Blowe
Director, Secondary School Leadership

Director, Elementary School Leadership
(757) 283-7850

Diane Willis
Director, Elementary School Leadership
(757) 283-7850

Lori Wall
Director, Elementary Teaching & Learning
(757) 283-7850

Vivian Vitullo
Director, Special Education
(757) 283-7850

Lisa Evans
Director, Professional School Counseling
(757) 283-7850

Anthony Tyler, M.Ed.
Director, Academic Enrichment and Intervention
(757) 283‐7850 x.10317

Bridget Adams
Director, Youth & Family Engagement
(757) 283-7850 x.10318