Juvenile Detention

The NNJDS Education Program is located within the Newport News Juvenile Detention Center (NNJDC), a secure facility. The JDC houses both male and female students ages 10-17, who have been detained by law enforcement and/or by a court order from a judge.

All students enrolled in the NNJDS Education Program are enrolled in Newport News Public Schools (NNPS). All students are expected to attend classes regularly. They are graded on their work and participation in all classes. Once the student is discharged from the NNJDC, they are withdrawn from the Education Program and their grades are transferred back to their home school.



      JD Faculty and Staff

      Deloris Todman, Administrative Assistant

      Todd Barker, Health & Physical Education

      Elizabeth Bond, M.S. Math & Science

      Angela Eggleston, M.S. Social Studies & Literature Teacher

      Erika Eley, Special Education Teacher

      Flora Papadimitriou, Art Therapist

      Aaron Johnson, Special Education Teacher

      Sharnita Montgomery, H.S. Mathematics Teacher

      Jan Owens, H.S. Social Studies Teacher

      Tiffany Powell, H. S. English Teacher

      Monica Anderson, Post Dispositional Teacher

      Piper Witherspoon, M.S. Language Arts & Social Studies

      Erin Little, H.S. Science