Medications at School

Parents should ask the doctor to schedule medication doses other than during school hours. When this is not possible, the school will cooperate with parents to see the medication is given as prescribed. Below you will find the Newport News Public Schools policy that must be followed if your child is to be given medication during school hours.

  • All medication, prescription and over-the-counter, can only be administered at school, with a physician's order.
  • Non-prescription drugs (over the counter) will not be dispensed or administered by the school staff.
  • Students must not be given medicines (prescription or nonprescription) to transport to and from school.
  • Medications must be brought to school by parents or a guardian in properly labeled, original prescription bottle or container.
  • Written orders from the physician must detail the name of the drug, dosage, and time interval medication is to be taken. Forms are available from the school nurse.
  • Contact the school nurse about the procedure to carry medication at school.
  • School nurses will contact prescribing physicians as necessary to clarify orders.

Medications for After School Events/Activities

It is extremely important that parents/guardians notify the school nurse and individual in charge of the activity/event your child will be participating in if your child needs to have available any emergency medication such as, an Epi-pen, Insulin, Glucagon, etc. The school clinic is closed and there is no nurse available after regular school hours. Please note that a student may carry inhaled asthma medication, auto-injectable epinephrine or other emergency medications as long as the proper procedure is followed and forms completed .Please develop a plan with the nurse and individual in charge of the activity/event so a safe environment for your child may be maintained.