Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Have a Concern?

Who should I contact first?

  • If your concern is with a teacher, speak with them first. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact the school principal. Please remember that school leaders have very full schedules and may not be available to talk with you at your convenience.

How should I prepare for my meeting?

  • Bring notes on what you would like to discuss. Ask for the school's policy if needed and feel free to ask for clarification on the rules of the school.

How do we reach an agreement that works?

  • Propose solutions, but be open to other ideas. When a solution is reached, make sure everyone understands what they should do next. Practice active listening.

What is active listening?

  • Rephrase what you hear to make sure you understand. One example is to say, "It sounds like what you're saying is…" By rephrasing what was said, we decrease the chance of a misunderstanding.

What if the teacher or principal are unable to help?

  • We encourage families to work to resolve issues at the school level first. If you cannot come to a positive agreement, please contact the Family and Community Engagement Department at (757) 283-7791.