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Childcare Transportation Requests

Please review the following policies and procedures before continuing to the childcare request form.

Policy EEAC - Bus Scheduling and Routing

The school division uses an automated routing and scheduling system to established bus stops citywide, based on the following.

To Load or Unload From A School Bus:

  1. Students will not be required to cross a street or highway which has a speed limit authorized in excess of 35 miles per hour.
  2. Students will not be required to cross a street or highway which has more than two designated traffic lanes, exclusive of parking lanes, unless protected by traffic controls.
  3. Students will not be required to travel more than four-tenths of a mile to a bus stop or four-tenths of a mile from their home to the school they attend.

EEAC-P, PROCEDURES: School Bus Stops

Following are the guidelines for the locations of school bus stops.

School bus stops:

  1. Will normally not be located in a cul-de-sac unless the diameter exceeds l20 feet and there is no parking permitted in the cul-de-sac.
  2. Will not be located in a cul-de-sac if there is another bus stop designated within the distances specified in paragraph C in Policy EEAC unless the cul-de-sac is a necessary turn-around point.
  3. Will not be located where the bus must back into a heavily traveled street.
  4. Will be placed at street intersections to provide controlled street crossing for students.
  5. Will be located, when possible, on public or community property.
  6. Will be located to avoid driving on privately owned streets or roadways.
  7. Will be located off numbered highways to the maximum extent possible.
  8. Will be located to avoid high traffic density intersections. (High traffic density will be determined by the city traffic department.)
  9. Will be located to make maximum use of traffic signals when necessary to enter/exit main highways.
  10. Will be located to provide standard community routing system which will satisfy all school grade levels of students.

The location of school bus stops may be adjusted and walking distances to school bus stops may be increased for athletic, activity, and summer school routes.

Magnet school students will not be required to walk more than four-tenths of a mile to a bus stop or from their home to the school they attend. However, the magnet school bus stop may be at a different location than the bus stop for the zoned school for that student.

If a child is to be picked up and/or delivered to a location different from the home, this alternate location must be designated on a consistent basis, be on a regular bus route for that school, and be at an existing bus stop.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that someone is at the midday and afternoon bus stops for kindergarten and preschool, and PEEP students.

Transportation Childcare Rules

In-Zone Childcare:

  • Check for school zone information.
  • Childcare address must be within the same school zone the child attends.
  • Contact your child’s school for a list of in-zone frequently used childcare facilities.
  • Childcare AM/PM address can be different if located within the same school zone.


  • A new stop may be requested as long as the location is used Monday–Friday on a consistent basis
  • A stop may be created within 0.4 miles of the location if a stop does not already exist.

General Childcare Guidelines

  • Approved bus stops will be within 0.4 miles of a daycare provider address. (Door-to-door service is not available.)
  • This is a request only and does not guarantee approval.
  • Childcare must be requested EVERY school year prior to August 12.
  • The previous stop being used may be deleted and will no longer be available if there are no other students assigned to the stop.

The NNPS Transportation Department may be able to provide bus transportation to/from facilities located within the school's attendance zone through the Childcare Transportation Request process. The list of common childcare providers is provided to assist families. Inclusion on this list is not meant to imply endorsement or approval by Newport News Public Schools or (school).

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