Performing Arts

The arts provide unique insights into the nature and history of mankind.

Through the arts we are able to see both the individual and universal characteristics of human beings across cultural and historical epochs.

Given the range and power of communication available through performing and visual arts, we believe that a comprehensive, sequential art education program will provide students in the Newport News School System with the following:

Music develops the human mind and spirit; it allows us to express the inexpressible. As stated by the Music Educators National Conference, "No one can claim to be truly educated who lacks basic knowledge and skills in the arts."

In addition to the aesthetic experience for every musician, participation in music also helps the development of positive life-skills such as self-discipline, cooperation, communication, adaptation, and more.

Research points to the power of music in education:

  • When music is included in a student's daily learning, reading, writing and math scores improve.
  • There is a high correlation between positive self-perception, high cognitive competence scores, healthy self-esteem, total interest in school activities and the study of music.
  • The longer an individual studies music, the higher his/her scores tend to be on both the verbal and math portions of the SAT exam.
  • College admissions officers give special consideration to students who are part of their high school music programs.

Every student in Newport News Public Schools deserves a comprehensive education. Music education isn't reserved for a few talented pupils, but is made available to our entire student body. Everyone can benefit from the study of music!

Importance of Parental Support

NNPS is focused on a solid curriculum certain to make a difference in the life of every student in our music programs. Parents can help support their children and our programs in the following ways.

Encouraging Parent. Competence is the result of dedicated "time on task." Music learning, music performance, and music appreciation are the outcomes of study, practice, and guided listening. With limited rehearsal time, it is imperative that students invest extra time in nurturing their talents and improving their skills. Please encourage a positive practice schedule. Remember that practice time must be framed as a benefit and not as a disciplinary penalty.

Loyal, Appreciative Audience. The best audience is always parents. You are faced with a full agenda in your personal and professional life, and you are challenged to adjust your schedule to accommodate every school function. However, your presence at our performances will mean more to your child than words can describe. Music is a family affair. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate your child's talent.

Booster Member. There are many ways to aid and participate in our parent support organization. Please join with other parents who realize the far-reaching potential of the arts and take advantage of the synergy created by sharing a common educational philosophy. This organization ensures the future of quality music education for your children.

Our music programs continue to flourish because of a substantive curriculum, a well-informed and supportive administration, and exemplary parent support. Parents make a difference!

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