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High School: General Information

Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Rules and regulations governing student behavior, including the student attendance policies, are provided in the student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. It is important for parents to review the handbook with their child. Certain discipline infractions will become part of the student's record.

Closed Campus

High school students in grades 9, 10 and 11 are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, or someone designated by the parent/guardian. Exceptions to the policy are permitted for grade 11 students enrolled in work training programs; however, application must be placed. Grade 12 students may apply to leave campus with parental permission. The approved application must be on file in the school office. If the student violates this policy, he/she is subject to disciplinary action.

Student Drivers

In order to drive to school, students must complete an application for approval by school administration. All cars parked in the student parking lot must have stickers issued by the school. These are issued only when the student has the permission of parents or guardians to drive to school. Driving to school is a privilege which will be revoked if it is abused.


Free bus transportation is provided to and from school. Students found guilty of dangerous or uncooperative conduct on a bus may be suspended from school. Rules and regulations governing student behavior are provided in the student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Activity buses are provided to take students home from athletic practice and student activities. Students participating in these events may ride these buses. View more bus stop information.


Textbooks are issued at the beginning of each semester to students. Students are responsible for keeping textbooks and other materials in the same physical condition as when they were issued except for normal wear and tear. Students are required to pay for materials in case of loss or damage.

Emergency Procedures

Each school has an emergency operations plan to cover both natural emergencies (tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, icing, flood) and man-made emergencies (fires, bomb threats, civil disturbances, serious injuries, utility emergencies). This plan is available from each teacher and will be reviewed with students during the first week of school each year.

Withdrawing From School

It is preferred that a student withdrawing from school be accompanied by the parent/guardian to the school office. Office personnel should request confirmation of identification from the adult. A Request for Withdrawal form must be signed by the parent/guardian. In no case may a student under the age of eighteen withdraw himself/herself from school. View complete withdrawal procedures.

After-School Activity Participation

A student must be in school on the day of a scheduled after-school or evening activity in order to participate.

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